Just moonwalker´s things
Just moonwalker´s things
Just a typical Michael Jackson fan sharing stuff. Feel free to fangirl with me


you may love otw era, or thriller era, or dangerous era, or history era, or botdf era, or invincible era, or mature era mike, but everyone, & I mean everyone, is a slut for bad era mike.

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aproudmoonwalker asked: You’re it! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful(っ◕‿◕)っ

These is beautiful :3 Thank you swettie :)

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Anonymous asked: Please, I need help. Me and my WHOLE family fight a lot. I'm like only 11 and I realize now that your heart CAN be broken and it can actually hurt. I smile, laugh and act like it's all okay when I want to cry my head off. Sometimes, I feel like cutting like Paris did, how should I stay away from that thought?

Well, you know what? First I wanna congratulate you because you thought twice before cutting, you did a great move asking for help first. Most people are afraid to do it, they should not. K, now, I have something special to tell you, you have SO MANY THINGS TO DISCOVER in this life, happy moments, dreams becoming reality, people, you know, friends, A LOT OF THINGS YOU NEED TO SEE, so don´t let these bad situations beat you down. There´re rough times, but they have not come to stay, they have come to pass, to make YOU stronger. The answer is always love, and God is love. And wait, I am not a very religious person, Im not telling you that because someone told me to predict the Lord and shit, no, I´m telling you to pray because the same happened to me, and since I did that my life has changed. From the bottom of my heart I swear it works, you know why?, because there´s love in believing, and everything that involves LOVE is great and healty. It´s a life worth living, find you porpouse, find what you love to do, find your dream, and when you know what is it, stick your mind in to it, into becoming who to want to be. If you are all in, problems likes this won´t bother you, these situations aren´t stronger than you. Fight, keep your head up, you can go through this. So pray, pray for a better tomorrow, and be prepared to listen to him, because he will start talking to you, but he always whispers, he never shouts. If you don´t believe in God, then listen to your heart, your soul, it never shouts. They are all love at the end. And I repeat, I´m not telling you because I´m a religious person and stuff, I also was in trouble one and Michael came to my life, he showed love trough his art, he also believed in God and I wanted to be like him, So I learned this from him, to believe and to love, and I promise you, it was the best thing ever. So pray and feel grateful for every little thing you have. If you ever feel alone, you know where to find me. I would love to know who you are and chat a little bit more.

L.O.V.E to you, all that I have tonight.

Anyone can talk to me, know that please. Sorry for my english, I know it´s not perfect but I tried my best.


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keepingthefaithformj asked: Your blog is just beautiful.♡ I've been a Soldier of Love since the age of three and love how all Moonwalkers unite over here defending and loving our spectacular Mike.<3 Keep on Michaeling!★

Since the age of three? I love that! Thank you darling, I will. Much love to you

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divinityinmotionxx asked: Hi, I just want to thank you for doing what you do. I was looking at quotes about Michael Jackson, and I saw your tumblr, then I made a tumblr, lol. I'm turning 12 August 29th, I remember finding out when I was about 7 that him and I had the same birthday, and I freaked out for an hour. Anyways, ever since then I've been saying it's our birthday, but this month I've been feeling really down because I miss Michael dearly. You turn my frown into a smile with your posts, and my tears fade away. <3

OMG, I´m so glad to hear that.  Lol Mine is August 23th, and my brother`s 29th. You lucky. Welcome honey! Enjoy :)

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You know what? I AM GLAD BECAUSE SONY FINALLY PROMISED SOMETHING AND THEY DID IT *applause* they said “there´s gonna be unreleased scenes from In The Closet” and they were there. Now, I LOVED WATCHING MICHAEL AGAIN, I was not expecting that, I thought it would be a boring video with the song BUT he was actually there being hot and stuff, as usual. The dancers were great, It was a great dance, NO NAOMI THERE, there was another girl who could actually dance and I liked that. There only two things: Guys… the remix? SERIOUSLY?! (and you know the rest, “the original would fit ten times better…”) and those movie-maker-begginer effects, oh my god, just put a little bit of passion making them videos, Michael gave it all, all the time, these people should have even TRIED. That´s all. I loved seeing Michael there. I could not stop watching his arms.

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Anonymous asked: I believe that Michael is still alive I mean no matter how much people tell me otherwise I know in my head he is gone but not in my heart so I chose to keep that hope burning until the day I die

It´s good to believe in your thing. I don´t agree with you tho, I don´t think he is alive, I don´t want to wait for him forever, he already did so much, you know, I would not ask him for more.

But yeah, everyone has their opinions on things, thank you for sharing your thoughts! :) Much L.O.V.E darling!

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Anonymous asked: What video is it were Michael says I don't know what to say iv seen it on a couple of your asks thank you

You mean that one, I don´t know :( I´m sorry. If anyone knows please help this lost anon child.

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Anonymous asked: Who do you think is gonna be Michael´s replacement in the future?

Oh no…not his “replacement”. You know the fuck what? Everyone person in this world is unique. What if I ask you, who´s gonna be the next you? Like no. The king stays where he is.

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moonwalking-alex asked: I saw your answer to that anon about what question you would ask Michael, and I pretty much died of laughter when I saw your response. xD

I told you all, that was some inexpected shit lmao

I´m glad it made you laugh :)  

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iwufflesyou asked: Why is it that we [ we as in moonwalkers ] get judged for being fans of Michael ?

People judge people for everything, I am not surprise. But they forget we are freaking awesome image

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Anonymous asked: if u could ask mj one thing, what would it be?

Me: Is your name Google?

Michael: what

Me: because you are everything I´m searching for 



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