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Just moonwalker´s things
Just a typical Michael Jackson fan sharing stuff. Feel free to fangirl with me
Anonymous asked: I believe that Michael is still alive I mean no matter how much people tell me otherwise I know in my head he is gone but not in my heart so I chose to keep that hope burning until the day I die

It´s good to believe in your thing. I don´t agree with you tho, I don´t think he is alive, I don´t want to wait for him forever, he already did so much, you know, I would not ask him for more.

But yeah, everyone has their opinions on things, thank you for sharing your thoughts! :) Much L.O.V.E darling!

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Anonymous asked: What video is it were Michael says I don't know what to say iv seen it on a couple of your asks thank you

You mean that one, I don´t know :( I´m sorry. If anyone knows please help this lost anon child.

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Anonymous asked: Who do you think is gonna be Michael´s replacement in the future?

Oh no…not his “replacement”. You know the fuck what? Everyone person in this world is unique. What if I ask you, who´s gonna be the next you? Like no. The king stays where he is.

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moonwalking-alex asked: I saw your answer to that anon about what question you would ask Michael, and I pretty much died of laughter when I saw your response. xD

I told you all, that was some inexpected shit lmao

I´m glad it made you laugh :)  

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iwufflesyou asked: Why is it that we [ we as in moonwalkers ] get judged for being fans of Michael ?

People judge people for everything, I am not surprise. But they forget we are freaking awesome image

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Anonymous asked: if u could ask mj one thing, what would it be?

Me: Is your name Google?

Michael: what

Me: because you are everything I´m searching for 



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agentgreenlight asked: This isn't a question, but I just want to get this out: He and Mac (Culkin, for those of them not in the know) were, in my opinion, the best and bravest friends I'd ever seen, and I hope that never changes...

YAAAAAAAAS GURL. He showed his loyalty on the court like Chris Tucker. They were two kids.

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Anonymous asked: what era do u think mj looked most cute inn?

He looks cute anytime, anywhere. Nope, not thriller or bad or any specific time. ALWAYS. A.L.W.A.Y.S

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Anonymous asked: how much sugery did mj really do?

He said three, so three. I won´t mess up with him and you better not neither.

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Anonymous asked: was annie ok or not?

Honestly, I think Annie is freaking dead. I know you all say she´s okay but NO. HE LEFT THE BLOODSTAINS ON THE CARPET… blood… on the Dancefloor… Oh my god ANNIE IS SUSIE GUYS.

Just… ignore this

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Anonymous asked: what was the worst thing ever to happen to michael?

The media always tried to break him down, but the worst thing they did to Michael was the whole “child molester” thing. Not only the people who made it up - because I know WHO are they - but all the people who believed it. That was the worst thing of all, using children - what he loved the most - to destroy him. That´s horrible, that´s not human.

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Anonymous asked: hey, you seem to know a lot about Michael, do you have any idea what kind of music or what artist did he listen to? i love your blog, btw

Oh thanks… I think. Lol. Well he liked Marvin Gaye, Sammy Davis Jr, James Brown, The Tempations, Diana Ross and The Supremes. There´s proof that he liked the Beatles too. You know all the people he alwats mention everytime someone asks about his inspiration. And… if we talk about recently… I hear he liked Beyonce a lot :D - Dunno if her music or just her lmao -

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